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Stages of occupation in Ancon
Ancon is one of the few places in the Andes area that has a long, complex and continued cultural occupation, from all the periods recognized by the chronological scheme of the Central Andes. Its history includes since the earliest lythics occupations until the complex manifestations in the Late Horizon, without leaving apart its colonial and republican history.

Pre-Hispanic Past

Ancon is emerging as an attractive tourist destination in the circuit between that exists between the Chancay and Chillon valleys, yet we must recognize that preserves an exquisite and extensive historical past that has been revealed thanks to the development of the archaeological research.

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Colonial Past

Ancon's population was reduced during the colony, and it was conformed by a fishing creek. However, it continued to play an important role as a transit area between people from the coast and the mountains, providing lodging to travelers and merchants who used this road.

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Emancipation Past

During the time of emancipation Ancon was one of the fight scenarios between Huacho patriots and realistics from Chillon Valley. The Patriots covered the road of Ancon to avoid the attack fro the realistic.

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Republic Past

Following the realistic blockade of Callao, Ancon takes obvious importance. As we saw, on July 28th San Martin assigned the category of port and even then, during 1863 Ancon continued being a quiet cove fishing creek. Fisher men would live in reed houses and in summer time some families that lived in the ranch would come down to take the pleasant bathing beaches.

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