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Archaeology in Ancon
Ancon is one of the few places in the Andes that have a long, complex and continued cultural occupation, extending through all of the chronological periods recognized for the Central Andes. Therefore, its history goes from the earliest Stone Age occupations to the complex manifestations of the Late Horizon, not disregarding its colonial and republican history.

The second floor holds the main permanent gallery of the museum. It also has a big terrace from where the city of Ancon and the bay resort can be observed. During the summer months this terrace becomes a place where children have dancing classes and other activities that are organized by the museum as an outreach to the community, thus allowing its younger members to get familiar with Ancon and its importance.

Stages of occupation in Ancon

Ancon is one of the few places in the Andes area that has a long, complex and continued cultural occupation, from all the periods recognized by the chronological scheme of the Central Andes.

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Previous Research

The first scientific excavations to Ancon cemetery were carried out between the years 1874 and 1875, by Wilheim Reiss and Alphons Stubel. At that time, the cemetery was in the middle of a destructive process due to the construction of the Lima- Huacho railway.

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Areas to work

The Miramar Necropolis is still one of the main areas for research in Ancon. It holds much valuable information that has not been properly researched or published.

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