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The wood artifacts catalogued sum the quantity of 231 pieces from the Late Intermediate Period. All these artifacts were manufactured by the carving technique. Big parts of the sample are artifacts that were designated to the textile activity. We can find swords, spindles, combs, needles, etc.

We could also identified a big quantity of artifacts that have a conic body. These are commonly known as “flotters-”. Their function has not been identified yet. One kind of artifact that calls our attention is the paddle with one or two pallets. In the other hand we have to mention the presence of artifacts that can be catalogued like sumptuary objects. Between the most important are the keros, a mirror base, earrings, figurines, pendants, etc.

Along the time, the habitants from Peru not only used the wood as a combustible or as a constructive material, but also they gave it a special value. They created pieces that were destinied to different socio- economy and religious activities.

Swords, combs, spindles and needles related to the textile activity and paddles related to the fishing are artifacts that highlight in the collection. We also have keros and earrings, objects that were used by the elite in significant events. They expressed the power symbolism with the goal of being socially different.