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From Ancon to Caral

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From Ancon Balneario located in the Chillon Valley until the famous site of Caral from the Late Archaic located in the Supe Valley are found two important valleys: the Chancay valley and the Huaura Valley. These valleys have many archaeological sites occupations corresponding to different chronological and cultural periods since the Archaic Period until the Late Horizon. It has a rich colonial history also.

There are research projects focus on archaeological sites from this area. For the Archaic Period: the Shicras site in charge of the archaeologist Walter Tosso, Bandurria site in charge of the archaeologist Alejandro Chu and the Archaeological Project Norte Chico. The problematic from the Intermediate Period has been studied in the quebrada Orcon- Pacaybamba, in the valley that has the same name, under the direction of the Mag. Marco Goldhausen.

Moreover, the Chancay and Huaura valleys are very popular for having archaeological sites from the Chancay society from the Intermediate Period. Some of these sites are Pisquillo Chico and Grande, Lauri Macatón, Lumbra, Portillo, Tronconal in the Chancay Valley; Cerro Colorado, Sayán in the Huaura Valley. Unfortunately, they haven’t been studied deeply and there aren’t touristic circuits to them. We can’t forget the rich, cultural process that gives to the Peruvian coast and in particular to the north central coast.
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