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Ancon’s Bay - Ancon’s history

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One of the first historical references that we have from Ancon comes from the time of the Spanish Conquest during Hernando Pizarro´s expeditions. Afterwards, the emancipation period brings the disembark of the liberator Jose de San Martín and his army in Ancon Bay. Here he received the news about the ship’s capture “La Esmeralda” in Callao by the admiral Lord Cochrane.

During the Republic Period there were two events that deserve a significant attention: the creation of Ancon as a town by the president José Balta in June in 1869 and the drafting of the Peace Treaty, called “Tratado de Ancón”, in the old house known as Rancho Grande during the war with Chile.

By the end of 1869, it was difficult to transfer or move to Ancon. Because of this problem, in 1870 the construction of the railroad Lima- Chancay started. Ancon was one of the stations. The engineer Federico Blume designed and finished this construction.

Years later, during the government of the president Dr. Manuel Pardo y Lavalle the town of Ancon changes to a district by the law in 1874.

In the beginnings of 1900, Ancon starts to outline as one of the districts with beaches and houses in front of them. It was one of the favorites places to rest and for recreation. The actual Ferreyros jetty is from 1954. However, its origins started back in 1875. Its name is a commemorative act to the patriot Manuel Bartolomé Ferreyros.

The Ancon bay received many important people from the politics, the government, militaries, aristocrats and intellectuals. Like this, during Augusto B. Leguía’s government, it obtained the popularity of being the favorite bay for the summer. This nomination remained until the Ancon’s Song Festival (1969-1970).

In 1967 Ancon Site Museum Patronato and Cultural Activities was created by Dr. Alejandro Miró Quesada Garland and the engineer Horacio Alberti Nicolini. The goal was to create a space destined to exhibit the archaeological objects from different societies that were developed in Ancon. Finally on February 13th 1993, the permanent exhibition gallery was inaugurated with the cooperation of the Art Museum from Lima.
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