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Ecotouristic Circuit

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The touristic circuits that Ancon offers show the cultural and natural heritage that it has and its great potential.

We can divide its patrimony in three big areas:

Historical Heritage: there is a great pre-hispanic presence that has as an evidence in the Miramar Necropolis and archaic settlements (shell middens), a monumental zone with big houses and ranchs and the Ancon Site Museum which exhibits and has the custody of more than 3000 archaeological pieces.

Natural Heritage: Ancon has ideal characteristics for the realization of nautical sports. Furthermore, it has beautiful beaches for the summer lovers, 13 islets that can be seen on the artisanal embarkations trips and where it is possible to watch birds from the coastline (seagull, pelicans, inca tern, whimbrel, kildeer, etc.) and the rich fauna from the islands (guanay, Casanay, Peruvian booby, Cormorant, Humboldt pinguins, sea lions, etc.)

Ecological Heritage: around Ancon you can watch the coastal hills with a high ecological and landscape value. You can do adventure tourism and you can camp also. Furthermore, you can enjoy the petroglyphs sight from the Cerro San Diego in the Inocente quebrada
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