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Get to know Ancon

The city of Ancon - Location

The district of Ancon belongs to the province of Lima. It is located 43 km to the north of the city of Lima. It is situated in the 77º00´12´´ and 77º12´04’’ from the south latitude and 11º34´21´´ and 11º49´30´´ from the west longitude.

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Ancon’s Bay - Ancon’s history

One of the first historical references that we have from Ancon comes from the time of the Spanish Conquest during Hernando Pizarro´s expeditions. Afterwards, the emancipation period brings the disembark of the liberator Jose de San Martín and his army in Ancon Bay. Here he received the news about the ship’s capture “La Esmeralda” in Callao by the admiral Lord Cochrane.

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From Ancon to Caral

From Ancon Balneario located in the Chillon Valley until the famous site of Caral from the Late Archaic located in the Supe Valley are found two important valleys: the Chancay valley and the Huaura Valley. These valleys have many archaeological sites occupations corresponding to different chronological and cultural periods since the Archaic Period until the Late Horizon. It has a rich colonial history also.

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Ecotouristic Circuit

The touristic circuits that Ancon offers show the cultural and natural heritage that it has and its great potential.

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