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Published and unpublished information of Ancon

By the ends of 1945 major campaigns of “archaeological rescue" were started. They were motivated by the construction of modern settlements in the northern part of the “Necropolis". Julio C. Tello excavated an area of 2,000 m long and 200m wide in the area of Miramar, where 1.570 burials were registered with a total of 14.055 objects. A big number is still in the National Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History of Peru. He also saved 50 field notebooks with good quality drawings which are unpublished. It is important to mention that Ancon’s library has important publications such as Reiss and Stubel, and Peter Kaulicke’s work, which is basically the translation of the first. Undoubtedly a significant contribution was the donation of 300 books by Mr. Alejandro Miró Quesada. However, it is known that there are published and unpublished information about Ancon, which will be phased in to the official list that shows the site museum.
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